Thousands of merchants, but only a few tourists!

After having been to Luxor already several times we thought of some other „events“ and places to go, or just to walk through town and promenade along the cornish. A calm promenade along the Nile Cornish is IMPOSSIBLE! Every meter, every second some Egyptians „welcome“ you with their commercial interest! Of course, there are almost no tourist! But after telling them that I am not interested in a Feluka ride, in a ride with the calèche to the Egyptian market (Only today, very cheap,…) and what else they offer, every additional offer is just hassling!

Barbara and I walked to the Bishops House (Mutrania) to see if there is anybody at home. In earlier visits we liked to stay there in the guest rooms and enjoyed Bishop Joannes hospitality. Really a calm place right at the Cornish to rest from the tourist program. After we did not succeed to contact him before we were happy to meet Suzi, the cook. She immediately recognized us and invited us for tea. Whenever you want to stay with local people and enjoy their support this house is open and you get simple but good and clean local food.

Bishop Joannes Zakarias:
Kornish Al Nile, P.O.Box 23, Luxor
email: joanneszakaria (at)
fone: +20 95 2372716

This time we stayed in the the Boomerang Hotel which also was a good choice.

One afternoon we visited the Animal Care in Egypt a wonderful institution for the by Egyptians bad treated animals. Especially the donkeys and horses can be washed and get necessary medical treatment. It really is a fantastic place for the animals. It is incredible that the owners of the horses and donkeys not even are willing to pay ONE pound for this chance! For them its not worth to pay for anything what they can get for free by engaged European infidel people.

One evening we went for dinner to the Old Winter Palace to celebrate Maria’s birthday! It was a pleasure sitting outside under Frangipani trees like we did with Juliana in earlier years. Also Elisabeth and Wafaa have been there already.